With Hotel Gian Residency, affordable luxury is now a reality, says Ashrey Dhawan

Ashrey Dhawan

Ashrey Dhawan

Second generation hotelier Ashrey Dhawan is looking to create a new segment in Hospitality. He believes that dynamic rate marketing, technology and customised service are set to take root and impact industry as a whole in 2016.

We got into a candid conversation with him to understand his vision behind ‘Hospitality 2.0’.

Realty Fact Interview with Ashrey Dhawan, Managing Director, Gian Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.

What is your vision for taking hotel Gian Residency brand ahead to the target audience?

Hotel Gian Residency embodies a hospitality brand of ‘affordable luxury’ hotels that offers fresh and relevant room design and facilities, created in response to the needs of tomorrow’s traveler. We call it ‘Hospitality 2.0’.

Every aspect of the brand – from its intuitive service and a balanced act of sunlight and air design to its engaging operating philosophy are geared to exceed the expectations of a new generation of savvy travelers.Our guests seek immersive local experiences and personalized service. We cater to their growing demand for value added offerings in the budget-luxury hospitality segment.

The brand aims to be a respected hospitality brand that embodies the best of Indian service culture in tune with our environmental and social values as well as delivering an innovative management model.

Highlight the expansion plans for the brand in India?

Hotel Gian Residency is my dream project, brought to life in the year 2011. We mainly aim at setting up hotels in Tier I and II cities either as a standalone or in collaboration with people who share our passion for extending this idea at the national level. When we established Hotel Gian Residency in Karnal, there was no luxury hotel present at that point of time and we saw this as a good opportunity to establish a boutique hotel right in the centre of the city.

We plan to have four hotels either operational or under development in the next five years, all under management contracts. We are looking primarily at small towns and a few key gateway cities. Our growth will be determined by a cluster strategy that offers both hotel owners and our guests, accessibility and consistency in service delivery.

Which brands are you looking forward to partner with to attract investment and what would be their stakes in it?

Gian Residency is an independent, affordable luxury brand with its own distinct offering of hospitality products and service concepts. We will partner with other like-minded distinctive brands to offer our guests greater choice and enhanced recognition.

What is the USP and core philosophy behind Hotel Gian Residency ?

Hotel Gian Residency’s interiors can be described as a balancing act of sunlight and air. Though the hotel has an area of 5460 square feet, but it creates a resort kind of an impact. A place filled with sunlight is cheery, warm and inviting. Throughout the day, the sun marks time, subtly changing the colour of rooms. Each room is different from the other and abides by the theme of a boutique hotel. It is said that buildings with abundant daylight help keep us physically and emotionally healthy. Also, the hotel is situated right in the centre of the market on the Railway Road, surrounded by concrete structures. We used our creativity to turn this concrete jungle into a work of art. If you notice, our hotel shares wall with a school and we got wall art done over it. Even such minor interior design changes can create a lasting impact. The hotel design in particular was challenge because this place used to be a shopping complex. Hence, turning it into a hotel using the same structure had its own set of risks and opportunities.

Owner: Ashrey Dhawan, Managing Director, Gian Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.

Ashrey is a design junkie. He is creative, big picture kind of guy who always aims to create value. He is the managing director of Hotel Gian Residency and founder at An entrepreneur at heart, he worked in consulting with Bank of America and Aon Hewitt before stepping into business.

Gallery: Hotel Gian Residency

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