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What is a Perfect Smart Home?

Technology is advancing rapidly. In fact, there is no time in our history where technology has advanced as quickly as it is doing so right now. Just when you think you have nailed how to use a particular gadget, a new one comes along which is far superior in each and every way. It is the nature of the beast, and this is going to continue for a long time yet, so strap in for the ride! One piece of technology which seems to be attracting a lot of research from big companies is that of a smart phone.

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’? If you have, you will know that the vast majority of the film is set in the future. Well, what the filmmakers decided would be the future at the time. Now, we are long way off some of the technology highlighted in that movie. I don’t think we are going to be getting any ‘instant pizza’ kits anytime soon. However, some of the technology is pretty much accurate. This is the ability to completely control your home using a nifty little device. Again, we are not quite there with everything that they cover in the movie, but we are certainly close.

Nest’s technology learns when you like your house to be warm or cold, and adjusts the heating accordingly.

Nest’s technology learns when you like your house to be warm or cold, and adjusts the heating accordingly.

Smart home technology enables you to control much about your home from your smartphone or similar device. In most cases, this is going to be the lighting and heating systems in your home. However, some technology enables you to control so much more than that. For example, you can control every electrical item in your house (i.e. turn them on and off again), or you can change the music that is playing.All of this will happen with nothing but a small device in the palm of your hand.

Whilst the technology is still in its early stages, it is moving at a rapid pace. Just ten years ago, it would have been inconceivable that you could control the whole of your home from a device in your pocket, even if you were miles away. Now you can. It is going to be incredibly interesting to see which new pieces of technology smart device vendors come out with in the future.  There are already rumblings that smart device companies will be looking to move smart toilets from Japan over to America (not a stupid idea, trust me on that one!), whilst others are allowing full control over the major appliances in the home. Others are working towards helping the various devices in your home talk to each other a little bit better. We are, truly, living in a wonderful time. Years from now, people will see smart homes as the norm. You can say that you got in at the beginning of the craze.

Philips Hue lights

Philips’ Hue lights (and compatible ‘friends of Hue’ options) can be turned on using an app. You can change the colours and brightness, and sync them up with other apps so that they’ll flash when your phone gets a notification.It lets you control up to 50 lights at a time.

One of the wonderful things about a smart home is that you can make it as ‘smart’ as you want. As mentioned previously, this technology is improving at a drastic rate. Tons of manufacturers are throwing pieces of equipment into the mix which can be used to improve how smart your home actually is.

In the past, none of this equipment was particularly standardized which meant it did not really work all that well with one another. However, the American National Standards institute, and similar organizations around the world, have put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything is compatible with one another. If you get a smart home network installed right now, you can be sure that it is going to be simple to upgrade in the future.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Belkin WeMo Light Switch let’s you to manage your home’s light from anywhere in the world via internet.

Are you ready to adapt to the technology of the future? Standardization means that you do not have to upgrade your home all at once. You can do it in stages. Over time, as more and more technology is released, you will be able to create something which is truly your own. It will be your own smart home and that is what makes it perfect.

For some, that may be nothing more than control over the lighting in their home. For others, they want complete control. By adopting this technology early, you will be at the front of the pack. You will be there clicking a couple of buttons on your phone whilst your friends need to get out of their chair to flick on a light switch. The world is certainly veering towards smart home technology, so why don’t you jump in right at the start?

What would your perfect smart home be like? Are you thinking about taking the plunge and giving your home a bit of an upgrade? We would absolutely love to hear from you!

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