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Vista Grey Oak Plank Flooring​ from Junckers​

Vista Grey Oak is a hardwood species characterized by being hard wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring. This gently textured oak plank is a subtle combination of light grey with white tones. The fusion of the two colours beautifully enhance the natural grain structure of the oak. Junckers solid hardwood flooring is produced and categorized in Junckers own factory standard.

The floors are made exclusively from solid hardwood and the photographs illustrate the colour, knots and structural graining variation characteristic for the specific wood species and grade. Each photograph shows the average appearance of the grade. It is normal to see a variation in appearance between individual planks and floors produced and installed at differing times. Up to 5% of the planks may contain features of the next style. Hardwood floors may fade and change colour over time, especially when exposed directly to sunlight.

About JunckersPresent in more than 30 countries, Junckers Industrier A/S is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of solid hardwood floors and Denmark’s largest timber industry employing more than 450 people worldwide.  The company’s primary goal is to produce top quality products on the basis of dialogues exchanged between architects, builders, contractors and owners. It is the close collaboration with industry professionals, which enables JUNCKERS to maintain its position as Europe’s leading supplier of solid hardwood floors. Since, JUNCKERS establishment in 1930, they have supplied over 100 million m2 of solid wooden flooring to all corners of the world. Most of these floors are still in place, which continues to bring pleasure and satisfaction to their users. But above all, they are delighted to be a part of creating exceptional design solutions in the homes and offices of people with a taste for quality and individual style. Junckers‘ strategy for the country will be to appoint at least four distributors in all four regions. They have already appointed distributors, one each in Delhi and Mumbai, Bangalore and shortly at Kolkata. The markets of Nepal and Sri Lanka are also very promising, which led them to appoint distributors in these countries too, apart from Pakistan. They are now searching for a suitable partner in Bangladesh and Bhutan.

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