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Vaastu and Waterproofing- An interesting relationship by Vastu Expert Kumar Saurabh

Ever wondered why some homes seem so filled with life and positivity while some just sap all the energy out of you? Ever wondered why you are unable to settle into your brand new dream home? It is probably because you haven’t paid attention to complying with the vaastu principles of your home.

Indian architecture treats home as “Manushyalaya”, or literally, “Human Temple”. It is not merely a shelter for us to rest and eat but a sacred and spiritual place for each one of us to rejuvenate and re-energize. Accordingly vastu shastra constitutes the mathematical design and determines areas associated with certain deities and natural elements that impact our physical, financial and spiritual well being. It is the science of construction that optimizes the natural energies in a space so that they positively impact the physical, financial and spiritual well-being of people using that structure. All our natural elements, air, water, fire and earth impact the energy flow in our homes. In fact water, its source, flow and direction, is one of the crucial elements in Vaastu shastra. While steady and clear water is an indicator of wealth, flowing water signifies an acceptance of change. Leakage in bathrooms and kitchen and dampness on walls is not uncommon in homes these days. However, persistent leakage or seepage can disturb the flow of energy in your home and lead to financial turmoil and emotional anxiety.

Drop by drop

If you have been witnessing prolonged periods of unhappiness and restlessness, then it may be worth your while to check the damp patches in your house. A damp wall indicates the draining out of positive energy. Dampness on the internal walls adjacent to the bathroom and kitchen indicates a possible leakage on the terrace. Further, dampness in the south-west region of a home is not considered auspicious.

Dampness of walls and peeling paint can have a bad effect on your health too. Allergies, asthma and frequent headaches are common ailments for residents of a house where leakage persists. The presence of some common fungi around damp walls can lead to flu or worsening of respiratory problems for infants and old people.

Look before you deal with the leak

Deal with leakage the way you would with any longstanding problem. Hunt it down and fix it. Ensure that the leakage is not obstructing the flow of natural energies in your home and to take positive steps to avoid it. Here is how:

  • Do a recce of your terraces, basement, walls, washrooms, kitchens and so on. Identify the source of the leakage. All unnecessary plant and weed growth on terrace and walls needs to be uprooted. Waterproof the area with the proper products.
  • Bathroom floor tile gaps can be grouted with a good epoxy solution.
  • Windows and balconies should get proper shades to prevent direct exposure to rain water
  • Window gaps need to be properly sealed.
  • Repair all broken drainage pipes, plasters and cracks before the rains.
  • Check if there is any leakage from AC ducts and repair it beforehand.
  • Channelize water seeping from the terrace garden so it doesn’t seep into the slab.

Mind you, temporary and cosmetic solutions are of no help at all. Leakage remains a lifelong problem unless you fix it with a waterproofing product that will give you a long term solution. There are a few inexpensive solutions that treat leakage and give you a good dry run for quite a while. All you need to do is a little homework.

While you cannot change the layout of your house once it’s constructed, it’s easy to fix the vaastu dosha or ‘problem areas’ in it. In fact, by merely addressing leakages, you have a better chance of accumulating and growing wealth, improving your health and happiness levels and leading a peaceful life.

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