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Urban India’s increasing quest for solitude is turning to be Goa – Why

As India sees economic growth, urban centers are becoming intolerably stressful.  Big cities like Bombay and Delhi, which promise an increase in quality of life, with their developed social infrastructure and connectivity, are now robbing people of any solitude. Desperate for solace from this over stimulation, people are venturing out of these so-called epicentres. A few key factors are beginning to define the chosen holiday destinations in India. Accessibility, privacy and security are among the most desired attributes of any location; leaving people with only a few options. Goa with its convenience, landscape, and culture deems perfect.

By providing solitude and a slower paced life, Goa has become one of the most sought after escapes for the city dweller.  The dynamic topography of Goa produces an unmatched sense of tranquillity with the combination of its mountainous, plateau and coastal regions. Goa’s geography allows it to have pleasant weather year round. Being in the southern hemisphere, Goa is not gripped with the same gloomy winters as other holiday destinations. Clear and bright skies light up the green hills throughout winter while the ocean breeze keeps the coastal regions cool in the summers.

The tropical coastline of Goa runs along 300 km of the Arabian Sea creating a dynamic versatility of beaches. The unique and secluded white sand beaches in the South provide a nice change of pace from the colourful beaches in the North.

Lacking inspiration from their set routine, Delhi residents are attracted to Goa for its global community. Exposure to an authentic Italian meal, young and vibrant Russian culture or Spanish artists is just a few hours away. By amalgamating Goan hospitality with the foreign influence, Goa gives its visitors access to the perfect blend of Eastern and Western culture. The influence of the 500 year Portuguese rule only contributes to this captivating experience by adding its architectural charm. The biggest reflection of these varied cultures is in the food available in Goa.

Goan cuisine encompasses the excitement of Indian flavors while remaining reminiscent of the Portuguese taste. The cosmopolitan city palate has to make no compromises in Goa. The vegetarians/ vegans in Goa are spoilt for choice with its fresh and seasonally inspired menus. Where other getaway destinations cannot keep up with versatility demanded by city migrants, we see Goa standing out. This is why it remains to be the predominant holiday destination. Other hill stations set in a complacency while Goa always gives us something new to explore. From exclusive dinners in any of its luxury hotels, to yoga therapy by the ocean there is no shortage of ways to rest and rejuvenate, for, Goa’s intoxicating way of life allows its visitors to experience each day.

The energy of Goa is unlike anything else. Vibrant yet mellow at the same time. It is no wonder that Goa is where we have set up some of Isprava’s most beautiful homes. At Isprava, it’s not just the Goa you know; it’s more than beautiful beaches and cookie cutter resorts; it’s Isprava’s first home. We have successfully positioned ourselves near the best in food, culture and scenery and introduced to Goa our discreet style amidst its subtle charm. Isprava’s Goa is a place you will be enticed to visit 365 days a year.

By Mr.Nibhrant Shah CEO & Founder ISPRAVA

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