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Tips on How to Make a “First Good Impression” of Your Home

Presentation. Yes, that is the keyword you always need to keep in mind. “First impression is the last impression” is a proverb that not many people are willing to buy into these days. But in case of homes, especially an old home that you are showcasing to others, this may very well be the case. It is a time tested way to make sure that your house gets liked by whoever comes to view it.

To make sure that you make a good impression on the prospective buyers, you need to make sure certain things in your house are fixed. As someone living in the house, many things might be normal to you because you have gotten used to them.

But to an outsider, these things are not normal. On the contrary they are an anomaly and will immediately be noticed by them.

Any crack in the ceiling, any broken piece of furniture must be fixed before you start showing your house to outsiders. The sure shot way to find out these anomalies is to ask your agent what he finds amiss.

Here’s what you need to Look out for:


1. Mow the grass and trim the edges
2. Weed the garden and clean the drive. Remove the leaves.
3. The grass beds must be weeded and cleaned
4. Shrubs must be trimmed so that they do not look untidy
5. Wash the house from the outside
6. Keep the garage in a neat and tidy condition
7. Keep the back door clutter free. You have been used to dumping all extra and unwanted items there. But now you need to pick them and put them in their proper place.



1. Clean taps and fitting well and make them shine.
2. Polish counters, cabinets and other furniture around your kitchen.
3. Clean the floor too. If it is high gloss type flooring, make sure it glosses! Use a good floor polish to make that happen.
4. Cupboard doors must also be cleaned thoroughly.
5. All equipment in your kitchen must look good. Clean the casing of the refrigerator and dishwasher and any other equipment around.
6. Make sure your oven is in a god condition.
7. Make the stove top shine. You can use one of the many stove polishes available to do so.

Bathroom and Lavatory

1. Taps and fittings must be taken care of. Polish and clean them.
2. Take care of the vanity unit. If it is made of high gloss material polish it well.
3. Lavatory seats must also be polished and cleaned well.


1. Keep the laundry room clutter free. You don’t want it to look as dingy as you have always been used to keeping it to the prospective buyers.
2. Paint it if that needs to be done.
3. Polish the tub.
4. Make sure the washing machine is in a good condition.
5. Clean up all the extra things you have been dumping there without even realizing.


1. Make beds before leaving your house each day.
2. Keep your closets and drawers tidy.
3. Be open to prospective buyers wanting to inspect them.

Living Room

1. Keep it tidy.
2. Make sure the curtains and drapes are washed and tidy.
3. Potted plants that have not been taken care off must be removed.
4. Buy new one if required.

Dining Room

1. Keep your table well polished. There are lots of varnishes available in the market. Invest in a good one.
2. If your table is anyway old and rusty, cover it well with a good table cloth.
3. Place flowers and vases over it to make it look decent.
4. Get proper drapes and curtain for the dining room.
5. Keep this area clutter free as well.


1. Any doors around the house must look like they are always in use. That is to say, they must be well oiled. Creaking doors give a very wrong impression to those outsiders who come to view your house. They make the viewers feel that the house has not been much in use and taken care of. You must take care of this small aspect.

2. Place potted plants wherever required. It adds glow and vibrancy to your house and also makes it look a prosperous place to live in.

3. Provide the house with good lighting so as not to make it look dull. Let as must natural light come in as possible.

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