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Tips to help young mothers make their home child-ready

Most new parents are both anxious and excited about bringing their infant home for the first time. Parents will go that extra mile to make everything just perfect for their little one.

Then as infant grows up into an active toddler, parental anxiety reaches a new peak as toddlers’ climb, grab and put everything straight into their mouths!

Guards & Covers:

Make use of edge guards on corners of furniture to prevent the children from hurting themselves. These may be of use on table top edges, kitchen counters, coffee or side tables.

Electrical sockets and switches seem to fascinate young hands endlessly. To prevent mishaps when your back is turned, use plastic electrical socket covers.

Additionally, simple steps like ensuring that kitchens appliances like blenders, toasters, dryers are always unplugged after every use can go a long way in ensuring your child’s safety in the kitchen.

Choosing healthy home paints:

When it comes to painting ideas for a child’s room, parents are increasingly employing dynamic colour palettes and offbeat designs.

Softer tones such as lemon, lime, and orange are cheerful and childlike. Orange, blue, red, and grey though not conventional choices, are also fast picking up as children room favourites.

Paint selection does not end with the selection of colours and textures. Parents want their children to live healthy lives and this extends to the environment that children live, grow, learn and play in.

Healthy home paints like Nerolac Eco Clean not only give walls a rich smooth finish but also have Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are odour-less making it a far healthier option that normal paints. The high fungal resistance and anti-bacterial properties of the paint help maintain a healthier environment overall.

Gates and latches:

If you have a stair case in your house, then these are a Must have! You will need to buy two of these to install them at the beginning and at the end of your staircase.

Multi- purpose latch are also handy when baby proofing your house. You can use them to keep your child from opening drawers or cabinet shutters.

Doorstops and door holders also help to protect your child’s hands and fingers from getting stuck or crushed.



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