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According to a report released by World Bank, India is considered as one of the fastest emerging economies thus far in 2017. The major reason responsible for this meteoric rise is the implementation of various development plans by the government, resulting in an improved standard of living. As per a report, the middle-class & upper middle class population would be around 200 million by 2022 and this stratum of society is reshaping the global consumer markets.

The Real Estate industry is also witnessing a burgeoning growth due to the upsurge of middle class group buying residential properties like flats, villas, etc. Announcement and implementation of various Government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), Housing for All, etc. are also acting as catalysts in this growth. Investing in property is considered as the most popular form of investment since it has earned insipid returns in the past few years. However, real-estate is an unorganized sector that is driven by red tape rules & regulations due to which many investors shy away from investing in properties.

Most of the real-estate portals focus on ‘Buy, Sell & Rent’ category without giving its consumers any guidance on investing. SmartOwner, founded in 2012 by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, eschews this fly-by-night investment strategy, instead specializing in sourcing and offering curated high-value real estate opportunities. The founders have extensive experience in the real estate industry and their vision is to revolutionize the property investment practices in India. SmartOwner is India’s largest online marketplace for real estate investors with clientele across more than 160 cities and 20 countries. Unlike other conventional real-estate portals, SmartOwner has established itself as a leading real estate portfolio Management Company.

How SmartOwner works

The modus operandi of SmartOwner is that it takes the power of groups to a whole new level. It brings together hundreds or thousands of property investors and negotiates steep discounts. In this way, the group can harness to get properties at prices that are not available in the market. Indeed, the deals SmartOwner negotiates are at rates that are normally only available to institutional investors or the ultra-rich.

While most SmartOwner clients are HNIs, investors with a smaller budget can take advantage of SmartOwner’s flexible ticket size options and can get better discounts.

It is very well known that many real-estate projects get endlessly delayed. However, the team at SmartOwner goes an extra mile to make sure that your investments are safe. They are also a part of the due diligence stage which is a vital component of the home-buying experience. There are also penalties imposed on the developer on any delay. They maintain very good rapport with their clients that results in customer delight.


SmartOwner curates the top investment prospects in India’s fastest-growing cities –  namely Bengaluru, Chennai, and Pune. Each listing on SmartOwner goes through verification to ensure that price, specifications, etc. are accurate. If you are willing to tap into the real-estate market, you should definitely give SmartOwner a spin, ensuring that you get ‘more Bang for your Buck’!

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