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Risks Associated with Home Structure in the Event of a Natural Disaster

The UN report on the Nepal earthquake in April 2015 documented the destruction of 1,60,786 houses. There are untold risks associated with home ownership, which is something that you will find out rather quickly on your own. There are so many different things that can happen, all of which potentially threaten to destroy your peace of mind as you try to keep your home intact. The bottom line is that you paid a lot for your home, and you paid a considerable amount of money for the items that reside within. If you fail to obtain home insurance, then you might quickly find that everything you worked for has been for absolutely nothing. Your home is at greater risk than you think, and disaster can strike at any time. A good insurance plan, however, can make all of the difference in the world.

How a Good Insurance Plan Can Help

So, how will an insurance plan help you? What can you expect from it? There are actually several different levels of insurance for homes, some that protect the exterior of your home, and there are those that protect the contents. When you are signing up for a plan, try to determine what type of protection you can have on the contents. For example, will all of the items in your home be protected if some of them are moved outside? In addition to that, are you using an itemized list, or is there a general value of the items in question? These are all things that you will need to ask if you are to obtain the right package and be prepared for anything that nature might throw your way at any time in the near or distant future.

There are many natural events that could claim your home, whether it is a fallen tree that damages the roof or a monsoon that eliminates a third of your town. The dangers are very real, and you should definitely be concerned. The statistics are not in anyone’s favor.

Statistically Speaking

The Indian continent is no stranger to natural disaster. June of 2013 saw a high volume of rainfall which led to flooding in the low-lying areas of New Delhi. In addition to that the Yamuna River rose to 207.75 meters, which submerged the flood plains. This is not an isolated event; the low lying areas of India are prone to flooding and it is not just the capital that tends to face this danger. 2013 also saw the flooding of 608 villages, affecting a population of 700,000.

No matter where you live in India, there is the risk of natural disaster, perhaps more so than in the rest of the world. In June 2013, flooding of the Mahakali and the Dhauliganga rivers led to severe damage and the loss of 128 houses. With more than 1000 people homeless, there is no doubt that some of them were more than happy to take advantage of their own insurance policies in the hopes of rebuilding their homes when the flood waters had receded.

Earthquakes are not the only potential problem that you might face. 2001 saw major earthquakes that affected more than six million people (6,321,812).

Making the Purchase

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons, statistically and actually to purchase insurance for your home whether you choose to protect the outside, the inside, or perhaps even both. Your choices are infinite, and they are all imperative for the investment that you have already made in your home. Not only do you need to protect your domicile, but also the memories that it safeguards from all your years of life.

Finding the right insurance coverage doesn’t have to be difficult! Buying online has made it far easier than ever before, especially considering the number of choices you will have. Customizing your plan to your own specific needs has never been easier, and the plans are even scalable. If you find that you need more coverage later on, you can always come back, make your changes, and be on your way.

Additionally, you have the rather convenient ability to pay for your policy online if you settle with reputed providers like ICICI Lombard for your home insurance needs, which adds an entirely new level of convenience. Rather than sending in a cheque or visiting the insurance office in your physical form, you can now expect to receive an online bill and see the exact due date. No longer will you have to wait several days or even a week for your payment to post, and changes to your policy need take no time at all. Insuring your home has never been quite this convenient, and by paying online you can take advantage of various discounts that will leave you paying even less. Make sure your home is protected and prepared for the storm to come and there you are, content and relieved.

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