RERA Registration: Haryana builders seek 3 months extension for registration

After the completion of the deadline on July 31 for RERA registration ongoing projects, several projects are still to be registered yet. The Haryana based realtors are expecting an extension in the deadline for the registration of the remaining projects under H-RERA. They have come across, approaching 3 months of extension in the deadline to the government.

Sources informed that till now only around 30 state projects have received registration certificate, whereas over 400 applications were submitted during 28 to 31 July. As per the regulatory norms the developers can advertise their projects only after the registration of the projects under the act. The Haryana State Government had issued against 20 developers in the last month for advertising their projects without registration.

Praveen Jain, president of National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), the apex body the Real Estate sector, said “The government should extend the deadline by three months, as notification of rules was delayed by the same period,”. He said that the norms should be notified by May 1 itself but the final rule got notified on 28 July only with the three months delayed. He also added, “The UP government has extended the deadline for registration by 15 days, along with a plan to impose minimum penalty for the first three months after that”.

A senior official at the department of town and country planning (DTCP) said they have received from builders and agents many applications for registration. “We received applications till July 31. Till now, there’s no decision to extend the deadline,” said the official. As the sources said there can be no certainty regarding the extension of the deadline that the realtors seek.

Ssumit Berry, Managing Director, BDI Group, emphasized the confusion that prevailed in the initial days. “There were many challenges being faced by all stakeholders initially, due to the lack of clarity on the Act. There was confusion over the state and central RERA Acts, which took time to get cleared. Even the website either had faults or was down for most of the initial 30 days,” He also said that the extension would further help the realtors to conform the norms more successfully. However the state government has not successful yet in uploading a fully functional H-RERA website instructing the realtors to submit their application manually.

“Though implementation of H-RERA will give a boost to the real estate sector, there are many grey areas on which both developers and customers need clarity. Deadline extension will be a positive step towards its successful implementation,” said Vineet Relia, Managing Director, SARE Homes.

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