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Recycle broken pots using these ultra creative ideas

Summer is here and it’s time to pull out all the flower pots from the attic so you could plant some of your favourite flowers and herbs. Oh! But have you broken a few clay pots? Well accidents happen and you are bound to pick up the pieces quite literally. But worry not, instead of throwing away your broken clay pot why not convert them into something useful.

Instead of just throwing away the broken clay pots, draw some inspiration and let the artistry flow. For all your pots that have just chipped around the edge- filling them with some candle wax and using them as candles is a nice idea. If your terracotta pots have completely shattered- string them together and use them as wind chimes. While the broken piece might not actually not sound like a bell, but they act like perfect garden centerpiece.

Well it is spring time and there are high chances you would spend a lot of time outdoors – so why not create an ideal ‘lighting’ atmosphere. Use some chipped clay pots to create some side table lamp shades or stack some pots together and create a quintessential table that holds your summer drinks! If you want to invite a few of your chirpy little friends, just drill in some holes into a clay pot and viola you have a perfect bird house.

Don’t just stick to using pots to plants flowers and herbs- use your imagination and recycle pots to create amazing miniature gardens. Use the bigger piece as the base and line the bottom with some manure and place a smaller piece in the opposite direction and line the pots with small pieces all around forming stairs. Once you have achieved the basic design, fill in the pot with bonsais, ferns, place a gnome or even a small house and viola your have a miniature garden right inside your clay pot!

So let your ‘shattering’ stories inspire many to experiment and be creative. Next time you break a few pots and don’t know what to do with it- convert them into masterpieces using these ideas and viola you have a few useful items that not only adorn your garden but also give you the much wanted summer project that unites you with your family.

Nidhi C Thacker for IndiaProperty.com

Image: dukesandduchesses.com

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