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REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies receives 5 Crores Angel funding from DivyaSree Developers

REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies, specialized in precast habitat construction technology today announced receiving 5 Crores of angel funding from DivyaSree Developers. At a time when the Indian real estate industry is on the crossroads with the formalization of GST, RERA Act, REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies who believes in super-fast, super reliable and precision-based construction using quality technology aims to resolve the construction industry’s enduring challenge of project completion delay by building structures in record time. Founded earlier this year in March 2017, this company uses precast technology that not only shortens building time and construction cost by at least 10-15% but also does so with very high quality finishes, wastage saving, energy saving and with minimal heartaches.

The company plans to deploy the funds on expanding medium sized pre-cast units so that they can meet demand and a more precision based construction processes.

On the occasion, Paddy Menon, Chief Disruptor, REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies said, ‘The construction industry is at the cusp of a needed revolution. With the burgeoning need for more habitats and that too in a greener world, disruptive method of building houses will be the way forward. We are glad that we have been able to showcase the real benefit of this technology usage through our constructions that we have completed in 8 week record time. Our order books are growing by the day and 500 Crore turnover is a possibility.”

“The best part of our technology is that it not only acelerates the construction work, but also enhances the quality of the final product. It also helps in increasing the carpet area as we use load bearing walls than the conventional Column Beam Structure in smaller dwellings. Even though the technology is still nascent in India, some of the major projects in metro cities use this technology. There needs to be more awareness about this new technology in the industry and my attempt at making this house is my contribution towards the same,” He added.

On the investment deal, Bhaskar Raju, Managing Director, DivyaSree Developers said, “Precast Technology will be the future of construction. We are quite optimistic about this investment and hope that together, we would be able to bring in a new dimension to residential projects and housing dreams for Indians soon. We look forward to a greener world. “

The precast construction market size is estimated to grow from $124.77 billion in 2016 to $177.09 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 6.10%. Precast technology is already being used by construction companies in Europe, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore etc. on a large scale to deliver quality results in very short deadlines. The sustainable design is versatile, durable and can be quickly erected on the construction site with minimal disruption.

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