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Realty Fact Real Estate Star Ratings provide a city-specific assessment of the quality of real estate projects. Based on defined criteria, Realty Fact benchmarks your real estate project against other projects in the city and location, and thus helps buyers identify high-quality projects in the region. Realty Fact Real Estate Star Ratings address two critical needs in the realty sector – improved transparency and objective benchmarking of projects.

Rating parameters

Developer Quality

  • Construction and legal track record
  • Organization strength, systems & processes
  • Financial strength of developer(s) In case more than one developer is collaborating for a project, the ability of all developers will be considered

Project Construction Quality

  • Structural Quality
  • Infrastructure
  • Finishes
  • Integrated Facilities

After-Sales Services (Customer Survey)

  • Likelihood of Time and Cost Overruns

Legal Quality

  • Clarity of Title
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Encumbrances
  • Sale Agreement
  • Development Agreement

Project Financial Quality

  • Accounting Quality
  • Project Economics or Viability
  • Financial Ability and Flexibility of Developer

Project Innovation Quality

  • Unique Proposition
  • Building Design
  • Construction Technology
  • Other Unique Facilities

Advantages To developers

  • Differentiates the project from others in the city and strengthens corporate branding
  • Makes a signature statement about a new project for potential pricing premium
  • Increases confidence of investors and end-users of on-going projects
  • Enhances credibility with banks and financial institutions

To property buyers

  • Improves transparency by verifying publicly available information about a project
  • Enables better decision-making through comparison with other projects in the city
  • Provides progress information of on-going projects through surveillance


  • Quarterly monitoring and updates the project online with all the information.
  • Realty fact dtar rated certificate (digital and print).
  • The rating and report are widely publicized through vast email database.
  • Online listing on portal with project landing page.
  • Ratings scan circulated nationally amongst lenders, corporate and investors.
  • Rated projects released in the press and realty fact real estate magazine.

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