Join us at Property Joint Venture Asia to meet one on one with key partners through precise matching, pitch to a room of potential new clients enlightening your project outcomes, gain deep insight into Vietnam & Myanmar property law at the briefi­ngs and continue conversations to improve deal flow at company headquarter of­fices based in Singapore.

  • Reasons to attend
  • Drive business value with strategic JV insight: learn what every business person needs to know about property partnerships & local markets to improve your bottom line
  • Debate key industry trends & meet with frontier governments, developers and financiers to improve your future business goals
  • Understand Vietnam and Myanmar property law: extract the right information and implement them into your development strategy
  • Improve your partnership experience, learn how to implement cultural and community engagement strategies to sustain projects
  • Monitor developer trends to anticipate buying decisions & deliver the right services to win contracts
  • Access to in-depth one-on-one discussions with CEOs and senior managers ready to do JV deals
  • Build new JV partnerships to determine your future strategic direction critical to making cost ef­ficient decisions



1 How to identify the right JV partner to win contracts in the AEC: culture, outlook & expectation
2 Share risk and deliver a long term sustainable partnership to deliver success: JV blueprint
3 Land banking management, identifying the right site & buying from the right owner
4 International standards in the development lifecycle: transparency, mitigating risk and consistency
5 Attracting large developers into frontier regions for commercial and residential property opportunities
6 Sustainable urban projects and design to deliver livable spaces
7 Masterplanning sites before purchase and aligning partners with project risks in CBD or new regions
8 JV teams to succeed consistently: Hong Kong and New York Case Study
9 Which fi­nancier is the right fi­nancier? Negotiating, terms and long term backing
10 Fostering transparency through thought leadership engagement & managing stakeholder risk
11 Vietnam – Property Law Brie­fing
12 Myanmar – Property Law Briefi­ng
13 Vietnam investment opportunities & long term objectives
14 Myanmar – Ownership rights and ­finding local partners

For more event information, click on the link below or copy-and-paste into your browser: JV.pdf

Only limited seats are allocated for this event.

 For registration/inquiry, please contact:Corin TanTel: +603-2775 0000 (ext 510)Email: [email protected]

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