Now, Rapid Metro blames railways for delay

GURGAON: Days after the TOI report about the Rapid Metro authorities denying any delay in the launch of the service’s commercial operations and claiming there was no deadline to do so, the officials have come out with a fresh deadline and claimed that commercial operations will begin in September. However, the deadline is subject to pending approvals from the Railway Ministry.

Commercial operations can begin even before the new deadline if the necessary clearances are received from the authorities concerned within the next one month, the officials added.

Emphasizing that the delay is not from their end but from the Railway Ministry, a Rapid Metro official said, “We have completed all our work. Whatever time it now takes before the commercial operations begin will be because of the time the ministry will require to grant us the mandatory approvals. There is no delay from our end as we have completed all our work.”

“We have asked the Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) and the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) to carry out the mandatory trials. Once we get the approvals we will rollout the service. We hope to get the approval by September, in case we get it before we will start the commercial operations accordingly,” the official said.

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