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Mira Road fits for Smart City Criteria

What is a Smart City?

The key features of the Smart City are in intersection between competitiveness, capital and sustainability. The smart cities should be able to provide good infrastructure such as water, sanitation, reliable utility services, healthcare, attractive investments, transparent processes that make it easy to run commercial activities, simple and online processes for obtaining approvals and various citizen centric services to make citizens feel safe and happy.

Smart City means different things, smart design, smart utilities, smart housing, smart mobility, smart technologies etc. A Smart City for its sustainability needs to offer economic activities and employment opportunities to a wide section of its residents, regardless of their level of education, skills or income levels. In doing so, a Smart City needs to identify its comparative or unique advantage and core competence in specific areas of economic activities and promote such activities aggressively, by developing the required institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructures for it and attracting investors and professionals to take up such activities. It also needs to support the required skill development for such activities in a big way. This would help a Smart City in developing the required environment for creation of economic activities and employee opportunities. 

About Mira Road:-

As per the key feature of Smart City, Mira Road is eligible considering all its aspects. Mira Road is one of the fastest growing areas of infrastructure in the city. Talking about the accessibility, Mira Road offers direct road connectivity offered by the Western Express Highway, this has emerged as an extended western suburban destination. Proximity to the airport – domestic and international – and its connectivity through railways to other parts of the city including the Mumbai-Ahmadabad national highway makes it a preferred location.

Currently, Mira Road is one of the fastest emerging residential destinations on the outskirts of Mumbai city. The growing population in the city has triggered the demand for suburban areas, where homes are available at affordable prices and with more availability of space and open areas and natural environment. It is high on demand due to affordable property rates and peaceful environment provided by the region, many people are buying property in Mira Road. The biggest commercial complex, residential apartments and luxurious townships are located in Mira Road.

Mira Road satisfies all the necessary requirements for a Smart City with great infrastructure facility, open space, ample land and excellent connectivity. Smart cities require a large and conveniently located stretch of land. In Mumbai, while land acquisition continues to be a challenge, the boundaries for residential places are extending towards Mira Road.

“Being one of the fastest growing areas of infrastructure, Mira Road has emerged as an extended western suburban. With state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable connectivity to the other regions of Mumbai, Mira Road fits into the bill for Smart City” says Manoj Asrani

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