Kiscol group enters hospitality sector with 54-room property in Coimbatore

COIMBATORE: Kiscol group, one of the largest TMT bar manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, has forayed into the hospitality sector with a 54-room property in the city.

Kiscol Grand with 47 deluxe rooms, six suites and a family suite, is targetted at businessmen, corporate houses and medical and educational institutions, Executive Director of city-based Kiscol Group of Companies, Thirumalai Raja told reporters here on Friday.

He said hospitality industry, which has been witnessing growth in the past few decades would get a boost once Coimbatore becomes a smart city, particularly with a local advantage, as business travellers visit textiles, foundries and educational institutions.

The group plans to open more hotels in near-future in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and another one in Coimbatore, he added.

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