Interview With Raja Sekhar Kommu, Co- Founder Eukleia Technologies (ApnaComplex)

`Water Monitor’ digitises usage, cuts wastage of precious and expensive water for apartment and commercial complexes. Useful in construction industry too where tanker water is bought.

Raja Sekhar Kommu, Co-Founder & CEO -

Raja Sekhar Kommu, Co-Founder & CEO –

It is an addition to the ApnaComplex app that simplifies monthly maintenance collection, vendor payments, tracks internal complaints and authenticates visitors.

“It is a simple but revolutionary step towards effective management of water unloaded by tankers. Once the steps are followed by using the platform on a tablet, the process of monitoring becomes accurate and has no chance of duplication,’’ says Raja Sekhar Kommu, Eukleia Technologies co-founder who has developed ApnaComplex.

Q)ApnaComplex has developed the Water Monitor. Please explain how the Water Monitor functions and what are its uses?

For many urban residents, the lack of piped supply of water forces them to turn to the ubiquitous water tanker vendors. This is expensive and there is no way bulk supply can be accounted for properly in shared communities such as residential and commercial complexes as the water tanker driver and the security guard are the only ones who actually keep a tab of the number of trips and the quantity of water unloaded in a register. Inflating the number of trips, quantity of water carried/unloaded is quite common.

ApnaComplex, the apartment management platform which offers Gatekeeper, a community security solution and a Maintenance Collection Tracking System, has launched its latest addition on the platform called the Water Monitor.

The security guard with the app has to click a photograph of the water tanker vehicle entering the premises. As vendor, vehicle number and its capacity details are pre-entered, relevant data is captured correctly and uploaded onto the system.

This data collected by the Water Monitor can also be used by societies for various purposes. Apart from efficiently monitoring the usage of water for different purposes, they can study usage patterns, determine demand on holidays and weekends, plug leakages as well as even test the quality of the water supplied.

Q)Are there any uses for the application in the construction industry? If yes, please explain how it is useful to builders?

The Water Monitor application helps builders save money on the water they use during construction of buildings. Typically, no builder will get permission to use piped municipal water while building and is totally dependent on either borewells or on water tankers. The Water Monitor can keep a tab on the trips made by the tankers as well as the quantity of water unloaded.

The Water Monitor application has also found takers in the construction industry where huge quantities of water is required when buildings are under construction. The site engineers are under tremendous pressure already and with such an application, they can even save on costs.

Q)How does Water Monitor help in commercial complexes?

In many cities as groundwater exploitation or sinking of borewells is not permitted by civic bodies in commercial complexes, the tenants are forced to depend on water tankers in the absence of municipal water supply.

Q)Can Water Monitor be used on a real-time basis or does the information collected has to be downloaded into a separate server later?

The Water Monitor is part of the ApnaComplex’ Apartment Management Platform and not a separate app. It can be used in two ways – either on a real-time basis or offline. It can be used on a real-time basis by connecting the mobile phone/tablet where the app is installed to an internet connection. Here, the data captured can be viewed instantly by all those with access. But, as security guards use the tablet, many societies may have misgivings about empowering them with internet. So, the captured data can be uploaded whenever feasible or whenever the tablet comes into contact with a wifi connection. The captured data is in any case tamper proof and is stored on a cloud.

Q)How many users are there at present?

The Water Monitor was launched recently and is in use on a trial basis in apartment complexes in Bangalore. ApnaComplex users in Chennai, Hyderabad and NCR have already started asking about it as every summer large complexes face severe water shortage.

In due course, all our subscribers across India can start using Water Monitor.

Q)How does one subscribe to the Water Monitor application?

If the society is not yet using an ApnaComplex, they would have to register the property at This is needed to configure the water tanker vendors and rates. Post that, one can download the app from Google Playstore and get started.

Q)What are the potential uses for the data that is generated by the Water Monitor? For example, can it be used to test the quality of water?

There are many uses of such data collection. Water is a precious and expensive resource. Managing it well will help save overall costs. At present, the app does not detect the quality of water on its own. But, based on feedback such an enhanced feature can be made available.

Q)Apart from water taker management, can you tell us if the system can be integrated into municipal supply of potable water too?

 At this time, the focus of Water Monitor is to track trips made by water tankers and associated billing. The same can be enhanced to support other sources as well.

Q)What are the other offerings on the ApnaComplex platform?

ApnaComplex offers s single integrated platform for management of any residential complex. The platform offers tools to all stakeholders of the property – facility management agencies, management committees, owners and residents, accountants and auditors who can access Asset tracking, Inventory tracking, Parking lot and vehicle management, Staff ID and attendance tracking with integrated biometric devices. For visitor tracking, Gatekeeper app is offered.

Gatekeeper is a community security solution that authenticates visitors and eliminates flaws in the system how visitors are allowed. An innovative solution on offer here is that, once the visitor’s details are entered, it sends a verification code to that mobile number. Only after the visitor enters the code, the security person will allow the entry. It’s a small technological step, but a huge comforter.

Gatekeeper also sends an SMS alert to the resident to expect a visitor. With regard to frequent visitors such as newspaper, milk vendors, drivers and maids, it can pre-populate their details and keep a tab on their numerous entry and exits.

Gatekeeper also has the ability to run standalone without internet connection and sync up with the master database as and when internet connection is made available.

The platform also offers inbuilt automated Maintenance Billing and Collection solution with the help of which demand can be raised for bills as well as collect payments. Members can use Payment Gateway to pay dues via credit and debit cards.

ApnaComplex also offers India’s first Collection Gateway in collaboration with Yes Bank that makes collection and accounting extremely easy. The Collection Gateway ensures there is no confusion as the payment is made towards a particular account number allotted to the unit owner removing NEFT reconciliation and suspense accounts forever.

Gatekeeper also has the ability to run standalone without internet connection and sync up with the master database as and when internet connection is made available.

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