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When it comes to adding style, character and sophistication to your personal spaces, nothing does it better than the right choice of art.

Art has been a part of home interiors since time immemorial. While most people may not treat it as a priority, what they don’t realise is the crucial role it plays in transforming any space into something you can call your own.

Add character to a space

Every home says something about the ones living in it. And nothing does it better than art that has been curated to reflect your tastes and personality. What might take a modern, minimal centre table with complementing crockery can sometimes be achieved by a single frame.

Project the mood you have in mind

Even within a single home, there are zones meant for different purposes and activities. While some areas are only for personal use, there may be some designated for fun activities, gatherings, guests or just kids. Art can help you attain all the different moods and vibes withease.

Play with colours

Art can be a great way to bring forth the colour palette you have in mind for your spaces. Curating art that goes with your walls as well as your furniture can greatly enhance the effect of your chosen palette and take it to the next level.

Start a conversation

Art intrigues and inspires. Art moves people. And art always starts a conversation. With the right art in every section of your home, not only do you set up various shades of mood and character but also elements that will never fail to catch an eye and create buzz.

But wait. What about the twin issues of expense and ownership?

While most people appreciate the value art can bring to their homes, the cost involved in owning quality art is what usually deters them. On top of that is the possibility of being stuck with them when the time comes to refresh the look and feel of one’s home. What if one doesn’t find a buyer? And does one have to invest in buying art every time one feels like renovating their homes?

Spend smart. Keep it fresh.

The trick here is to spend smartly. Since everything else in your home keeps getting refreshed, you would ideally prefer the same to happen with your art as well. That’s where services like art-on-subscription offer a lot of value. For a small sum every month, you can subscribe to artworks that match your taste and vision. And the best part? You can refresh them at regular intervals without anything extra. No bulk investments. No burden of ownership. “When it comes to art, the onus should be on experience, not ownership. We want to let people explore and experience as much art as they want without spending a fortune. And homes being an intimate reflection of those who live in it make for a perfect space for a service like ours,” says Rahul Singh Yadav, Co-Founder of Floating Canvas Company, India’s first art-on-subscription service.

Turn every wall into a gallery

When you can get the right art with the ease and flexibility of subscription like services, you can transform every wall in your home into a gallery. One that is dynamic and ever-evolving. Just like you. Sounds like a great place to call home, right?

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