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Taleho is the world’s first complete social network for real estate. Our motto here at Taleho is to make Home buying Safe, simple and quick. Our ethos is clearly defined. We want you, the buyer to have the best experience when it comes to buying a house.

We know the one thing you and other home buyers expect from us is to not get duped! The Home buying decision is the biggest decision of one’s life and the only decision where we take a leap of faith. Taleho understands that buyers at times pay for a productalmost 3 years before they get its delivery.

Taleho was born with the sole aim to promote transparency and Authenticity in real estate, two attributes which are almost non-existent in real estate today. After talking to hundreds of stakeholders (Builders, Brokers, Buyers, Sellers), the Taleho Elite Partner Program was created.What is the Taleho Elite program ? It’s a program ensured to give you the most professional, efficient and  hassle free experience of the entire house buying/renting process which in turns helps in faster and better decision making.

So at Taleho, we take responsibility and manage all heavy lifting of this complex home buying process for you. By choosing to work with our Verified and Trained Elite Partners, you experience a level of service, automation and responsibility never seen before in  the Indian Real estate sector.

We are not just broker aggregators. Taleho empowers our seller partners with standardized  training, tools and technology. We are the perfect combination of a seller aggregator and a lead generation model providing experiential property buying service to customers using technology and set procedures.

Some of the Taleho advantages are:

1)100% Verified property information with Real Videos

2)Instantly site visit booking to 1000’s of properties

3)No more broker nagging – Completely digitised communication

4)Legal, Loan and price negotiation at a single click

To explain the Taleho Elite process we have broken it down into the following steps:

Website Search

The process starts with you searchingfor properties on On each search result the properties that belong to the elite partners will be given a verified partner badge and will be clearly marked.

One Click Site visit request

On each of these properties you will have complete information of the property that includes latest photos, 3 point of vision videos (within, around, towards), unit and price details, amenities and neighborhood facts. If interested you will have the option of a one-click site visit by mentioning following preferences:

  • Site visit Date
  • Site Visit Time
  • Pickup Location
  • Number of guests

Complimentary Site Visit  (Pick-up and drop)

On the day of site visit, our Elite seller partner will send a car for you at your confirmed location.

Taleho Site Visit Kit

At Taleho we make sure that the smallest detail is taken of. Therefore at the time of pickup, you will be given a Taleho site visit kit. The Taleho site visit kit contains a File with FAQs and checklists for Rent / Resale / Under-construction property depending on your requirement. We also have Notepads and Plastic sleeves for you to make it easier to store these documents. 

Buyer and seller feedback

Once the site visit is complete, a feedback communication will be initiated to both Buyer and seller. Both buyer and seller will be able to share ratings and feedback about one another.

Share property with friends and relatives

Buying / renting a property is a family decision rather than just the decision of a single person. Hence we help you in sharing your shortlisted property with your family and friends to get their feedback and reviews on the same with just a one click share button on Whatsapp, Facebook or even send the same as an Email to anyone.

Legal Approval and Loan Application

Get end-to-end support with one click loan application and legal approval

Negotiation and Deal sign

Upon getting a clear legal report about the property and the loan approval process; the next step is the negotiation. You can negotiate the price and terms and sign the deal with the help of TABLE; our online collaborative document creator and chat platform.

You can now move into your new house. You may click a SELFIE with our Taleho Elite Partner and share it with us. Our team will be delighted to post it on our social media platforms and share it with everyone.

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