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Expand the charm of your wall with The Great Eastern Home’s new range of Mirrors

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Imagine your Décor without mirrors! Mirrors apart from being a necessity for every home, have also played an integral part in enhancing your home décor with their grace and elegance. Mirrors are not only functional in a home, it’s decorative, too. You can express your personality on a mirror’s frame and how you use mirrors in your home. The striking new range of mirrors introduced by The Great Eastern Home are beautiful and delicate design elements that will not only add charm to your interiors but also give a majestic feel to your space with its uniqueness and inimitability. The Great Eastern Home has always been known for its exclusivity in period and imperial designs for furniture and accessories.

What makes this range exceptional is the fact that each and every mirror in this collection has been handcrafted in brass, bronze and wood adding distinction and exclusivity to the décor of its owner. The patrons of The Great Eastern Home can be rest assured that not only will their mirror be beautiful but also exclusive, as all designs are in limited editions. These mirrors, apart from enhancing your reflection, will add grace to your environment with their splendid and magnificent designs pursuing appreciation, every time you invite your guest to your dwelling. The furniture and accessories available at The Great Eastern Home have always adorned the abode of their clients with luxury and style. Maintaining this practice, the mirrors introduced in this range have been hand painted in gold and platinum to add opulence and lavishness to the space of their patrons.

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