Developers to built Metro parking

NOIDA: To address the parking space crunch to some extent, Noida Authority has asked two developers to built multi-level parking lots for 4,500 vehicles at two of the busiest Metro stations – City Center and Sector 15. The lease agreement with the developers has a provision wherein parking lots have to be developed without the Authority shelling out funds for the purpose.

“When Noida Authority had entered in an agreement with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), it had promised in written to develop a parking lot at the City Center, Noida’s largest mixed land use project. According to the lease deed, Wave group has to construct a parking facility for 4,000 vehicles at the Metro station,” said Authority OSD, Manoj Rai.

“Another developer has been asked to create a facility for 500 vehicles at Sector 15 Metro station. Both the developers will built the parking lots and then hand it over to DMRC, which will manage the operations,” Rai added.

Officials said lack of space at Metro stations leads to motorists parking vehicles on roads which ends in traffic jams.

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