Consumer court orders builder to refund maintenance sum in Vadodara

VADODARA: A consumer court has ordered a city builder to pay lifetime maintenance of Rs 12 lakh to a body formed by residents in his complex.

The builder Tejas Patel had collected Rs 50,000 each from 24 flat owners of Vrundavan Residency on New Sama Road as maintenance money. On getting possession of the houses, the owners found out that as many as 19 amenities and facilities promised to them were missing.

They approached Patel to fix the issues and demanded that their money to be returned to the association but he refused to pay the sum and fix the construction flaws.

The aggrieved people later approached the consumer court through city-based Jagrut Nagrik, an NGO for consumer issues redressal.

The court ordered Patel to pay Rs 12 lakh with nine per cent interest, Rs 20,000 for mental harassment and complaint charges of Rs 10,000. “The residents got possession of their flats in 2013. Several amenities as publicised by the developer were not provided to them. When they approached Patel, he asked them to sign an Rs 100 stamp paper stating that they were happy with the services provided in return of the money,” said P V Moorjani, managing trustee of Jagrut Nagrik.

The residents approached the organization that represented their case in the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission’s (NCDRC). According to residents, there were no tiles on the terrace, no security cabin, intercom, no cement road and none of the house had name plates.

The court in its order dated December 1 has asked Patel to make the payments within two months.

“We had filed two complaints – one seeking the lifetime maintenance fund and another complaint against the 19 amenities that were not provided which is pending in the court. If the payments are not made on time, we will file an application of contempt of court order,” added Moorjani.

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