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Borg Energy Introduces Vega Series of Customized-for-India On Grid Solar Inverters.

Leading US-based alternate energy solutions provider BORG Energy India is introducing a new series of solar powered energy generating systems in India that are highly cost-effective and can be widely used for both domestic and commercial projects to generate environment friendly free of cost electricity.

Branded the Vega Series, the devices are specialized designed Solar on grid string inverters with the best invention patented topology globally, which provide more optional choices for photo voltaic power systems ,including small PV applications like residential roof projects, commercial projects and carports.

A grid-connected photo-voltaic system consists of one or several solar panels/inverters that can be adapted to generate power for different purposes – for domestic use or commercial purposes.

BORG Energy India has conducted extensive research and development in India to produce products that meet Indian requirements and fill the gaps in Indian solar powered products. Lack of efficiency and high cost has been the two major drawbacks that have held back the wide use of solar energy in India.

BORG Energy India breaks the barrier of high cost with engineering excellence and delivers solutions that are affordable. The products also offer high efficiency in all conditions with EU conversion efficiencies of 97.1% ~ 97.3%.

“Vega series has been proved to be outstanding for its features like portability, leading edge efficiency,high cost-effectiveness, modern appearance, friendly interface, and ultra long  quality warranty. It is also a highly versatile grid connected system of power generation using solar energy and can be used for multiple purposes. A smaller system can be installed on residential rooftops and used to generate efficient energy for daily domestic use; a larger system can be customized to generate more power for industrial or commercial usage. The daily power generated is free of cost (apart from the cost incurred in installation) and its long-term durability means a purchaser can make a one-time investment and continue to use free electricity for life,” says Mr Krishnakumar, Product Manager, BORG Energy India.

Prior to the commercial launch of the BORG Vega series in the market, BORG Energy India has already commissioned  a prestigious project , at the Members’ of Parliament residential quarters in New Delhi , vide the Central Public Works Department,  with the BORG Vega Series.

BORG’s Solutions have been customized for India and the solar powered systems are designed with advanced technology by creating a completely new energy value chain that links renewable and traditional power generation, improves reliability, reduces pollution, and enhances utilization.

BORG’s products are power generation units. BORG ensures Uninterrupted Power Supply, Optimum utilization of Grid Power, and Maximum Savings.

The PV system acts as power plant, stabilizer and inverter all rolled into one and equips households or commercial units to generate their own green electricity, which is free of cost and environment friendly.

Borg Energy offers comprehensive installation as well as maintenance services to ensure a smooth run of power generation over a long term.

In the year 2013, BORG Energy had introduced the ‘Astra Smart Grid Series’ in India.

BORG’s first project in India was a highly demanding and challenging task from the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) , in association with the Government of Tamil Nadu , to generate off-grid alternative power for lighting the 13th century Vellore Fort , spread over an area of 133 acres.

BORG now plans to introduce more of its revolutionary products in India , and expand its footprint across the country.

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