Bird Group to open 3 hotels in India; mulls acquisitions

NEW DELHI: The Bird Group is looking to open three luxury boutique hotels under its brand ‘Roseate Hotels & Resorts’ in the country and is also considering acquisitions for future expansion.

The Group owns and operates four luxury properties – two each in India and the UK.

“Three hotels are under development in India – Rishikesh, Jaipur and Goa. Rishikesh should happen in the next 12 months, about others I do not have a timeline right now,” Bird Group Executive Director Ankur Bhatia told PTI.

The company already has land for these hotel properties, he said, adding all hotels of the Group are luxury boutique hotels.

When asked if the National Capital-based company was looking at inorganic growth also, Bhatia said: “We are looking for acquisitions both internationally and in India. We are open to acquire if there is brand-fit. The markets that we are mainly looking at are UK and India.”

The focus is to popularise the brand internationally, he added.

“Other markets that we are also looking at are Spain and the Middle East,” Bhatia said.

When asked about the business model the company follows, he said: “At present, all the hotels are owned and operated by us. In future we will be looking at management opportunities but as of right now focus is to own and manage.”

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