Bengal emphasises on developing new tier II & III townships

KOLKATA: West Bengal government emphasised on new smaller twonships in the state but so far its proposed theme cities had failed to attract bidders for development in PPP model.

“I am interested in new tier II and III townships,” state Finance Minister Amit Mitra said on the sidelines of the CII organised realty conclave.

But, a real estate developer on the sidelines said, “The theme cities have not able to attract bidders’ interest and so the state government has decided to develop Bolpur theme city of their own.”

The state governemnt had decided to promote six theme based cities with government land – Siliguri, Baraipur, Asansol, Kalyani, Bolpur and Howrah.

Mitra asked investors to come forward for the theme townships.

Meanwhile, Mitra said state has taken several reforms to boost real estate sector.

“We have rationlised circle rate, 10 per cent higher Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for green building. For buildings within metro railway stations 10 per cent more FAR. New private township policy,” he said.

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