All areas under Lucknow Development Authority can now be ‘commercial’

LUCKNOW: Lucknow Development Authority is all set to allow commercial activities in residential areas in housing schemes it had planned and developed in city. Almost 60% of the city has been planned by LDA, of which more than a dozen localities which were officially marked ‘residential’ in the master plan can now change land use into ‘commercial’ on payment of fees.

Conversion can be done within categories like green belt, agricultural, public and transport amenities, industrial, office use, mixed, residential and commercial. Officials said the proposal will be approved officially in the board meeting in May. Under UP Urban Planning and Development Act 1973 Section 13 (1), in any layout or plot developed by the authority, a resident can apply for change of land use from one to another by paying certain charges and the board is empowered to take a call on it.

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