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Realty Fact – India’s No.1 International Real Estate Magazine (Company of Smek India Group) one of the leading real estate magazine and digital property news portal that provides latest news on real estate sectors from India & world with home improvement tips, real estate guide and latest policies updates for its online viewers. We have a monthly readership of 07, 20,000 visitors (70% from India and 30% from others countries) from all across the world as per our Google analytic s. Realty fact news portal also listed with Google news alert. And the figure are increasing with each passing month due to our rich and original content. Since its inception, Realty Fact has won the hearts of infinitive people by providing exceptional services and updating about real estate latest goings-on.

Realty fact digital magazine placed on all national and international digital magazine newsstands and e commerce sites e.g. Magzter, Zinio, Amazon, Apple, Google play etc. Availability will be on all platforms viz. iOS, Android, Windows 8, web, etc with different renowned web portal.

Our digital magazine circulation is approximately 5 lakh and is delivered to subscribers in digital versions. Realty Fact is targeting 1 million online digital magazine readership in the coming year, making it perfect place to showcase your projects, products and services. 

Printed realty fact magazine circulation to all Top Management CEO, President, Principal Managing Partner, Owner Executive Director, CFO, Executive Vice President,VP, AVP, General Manager.

We are offering 360 degree marketing branding strategy and advertising plan exclusive home page or inside full, half page section level display advertising and other online types of advertising like ads in digital edition sponsorship, videos, slide shows and blog advertisement. Realty Fact is the best choice for that.

As a marketer, you need a profound advertising partner, which can create an authentic target audience and make people aware about your brand, either products or services. By advertising with Realty Fact, your brand will get a mass identity and will reach to your target audience specifically. Your brand will be recognized not only at India level, but on an international platform. Realty Fact is the 1st of its kind international magazine in real estate sector and your brand will surely get competitive advantage of this initiation.

Advertising Rate For Digital and Print Magazine

Page Position **Card Rate

Full Page – Rs.1,00,000

Half Page – Rs.80,000

Double Spread – Rs. 2,25,000

Inside Front Cover – Rs.3,00,000

Back Cover – Rs.4,00,000

Inside Back Cover – Rs. 3,50,000

**The above rates for Realty Fact Magazine are negotiable. Call us for best rates for Realty fact Magazine. 

Email Marketing for Newsletter Promotional Campaign

About Realty fact E-Newsletter 

Realty fact e-newsletter keeps real estate investors on top of their game by giving them quick and easy-to-read information on a monthly basis. The e-newsletter offers an unparalleled way to get directly into the in-box of more than 10 lakh*.



Realty fact e-newsletter has a controlled, qualified subscriber base composed of both India and foreign members. Additionally, our opt-in process is 100% confirmed direct request, which means members request to receive information from Realty fact. Likewise we have a one-click opt-out option to ensure that we consistently deliver to an audience that is actively seeking and willing to receive the newsletter.

Total Circulation: 10 lakh HNIs*

E-Newsletter Subscribers : India.: 65.4% International/NRIs: 44.6%

The sponsor receives two ads in the e-mail accompanying the digital edition and a full-page ad on the opening presentation page of the issue as well.

Exclusive digital sponsorship 

Costing for promotional e-mailer services for Newsletter :
Product Quantity Cost / Unit Cost (In Rs.)
Email Marketing  10 Lac  10 Paise   100000



Rates for AD ON Website (Rs.)


Others Advertising Platforms with realty fact

Advertise in Real estate classifieds – Post Your Advertisement  ( Supplementary Copy Free )

The Real Estate section also contains information on Brokers, Consultants and property agents along with their contact details. Buyers, end-users or investors, have their own specific needs for property. Some look for prime location, high-end property to support their life style, while some look for affordable options with maximum carpet area.


Advertise with our social sites platforms 

Real estate social media services include actively participating in social networking, indulging in blogging, sending out newsletters and joining various forums related to your area of expertise. You can also share photos and videos through social networking platforms to instantly grab the attention of your target audience.

 Advertise – On Realty Fact You Tube Channel

Marketing on Realty Fact Web T.V turns viewers into fans, and fans into new customers. Let your video campaign deliver real success each day. Discover new and powerful ways for your brand to connect with a generation that shapes what matters in content and culture today. Learn more about finding your most valuable audience, expressing your brand in the most compelling way, and creating deeper connections through participation

Our marketing team will conduct an in-depth research and will prepare a best and effective advertisement package for your organization. We would like to schedule meeting with you at your convenient time to explain other primitive benefits of advertising with Realty Fact. 

We would love to hear from you ! Want to share your feedback, ideas, suggestions or want to advertise 

For any questions or queries, kindly contact us at [email protected]

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