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93% of Home Buyers seek Vastu Compliant Homes: Reveals a study by Housing.com

Housing.com, India’s most innovative and trusted real estate platform, today unveiled the findings of first-of-its-kind study on the ‘Influence of Vastu in home buying decisions in India’. The study was conducted by Housing.com to understand home buyers’ disposition towards Vastu and its compliance.

Housing.com conducted the study with the objective of gaining insights on consumer behavioural patterns and subsequently create a new layer of engagement in the property buying or selling process. The study tries to decipher Vastu from the lens of middlemen/influencers since they are best suited to provide a realistic feedback on market needs. It included a mix of personal interviews and structured questionnaires conducted with a sample size of 328 individuals including brokers, architects and builders across eight cities, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

 Key highlights from the study

Preference for Vastu basis House Lay out

The consideration set for Vastu are ‘Direction’ (33%), ‘Set up and Arrangement’ (30%), ‘Positive Impact’ (20%) and ‘Ventilation/Flow of Energy’ (17%)

Amongst this, Direction of Entrance takes precedence over Direction of Kitchen, Bathroom, Puja Rooms etc followed by Set-Up & Arrangement of Rooms and their sizes

  • 56% of the consumers believe that the entrance to the house is the most important factor in determining its Vastu compliancy
  • Consumers showcase willingness to compromise on design in order to get a Vastu compliant house; 87% readily agree to forego the size of the house for Vastu
Preference for Vastu basis Regional Distribution
  • Amongst the regions, South has the highest Vastu compliancy requests followed by North, East and West (least)
  • In South, Chennai and Bangalore showcases considerable faith in Vastu, with a majority willing to even take corrective measures if the house is not Vastu compliant. Only 9% showcase little or no interest in Vastu
Preference for Vastu basis Size of the Family
  • Joint families showcase inclination towards adopting Vastu with over 70% in favour of the practice
  • Less than 50% of nuclear families and bachelors are interested in Vastu


Preference for Vastu basis Profession

  • Since Vastu is more of a belief, consumers tend to adopt it without question. The adherence to Vastu is seen high among consumers who are more risk prone such as business men and middle aged consumers
  • Businessmen exhibit higher Vastu compliance (over 65%) as compared to professionals (30%)
  • Workers and small-time traders showcase the least dependency on Vastu for home buying decisions

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