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10 Ways to Share Your Bills while Sharing rented home

Living with someone is not easy. The idea to share an apartment with your friend creates excitement at the beginning. But as the time goes, the chores and bills create tension between you. Maybe you are very conscious about paying bills, but don’t get a similar response from your roommate’s side. It becomes very difficult to handle the situation. On the other hand, you may meet certain roommates who are obsessed to split every single penny. So, what are the ways to manage bills without going downwards on your relationship graph?

1. Choose a Correct Room Partner – This is the most important thing you need to remember before sharing rooms of your rental flats or apartments in metros like Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. Whether you’re living with your close friend or a stranger, talk about the bills and chores at the beginning. Also, try to share room with persons who are gainfully employed.

2. Be Straightforward – That doesn’t mean that you have to stick to your roommates, demanding money. Put a basket on a table and label it as ‘collection’. Fix a date to deposit money there. Thus, you don’t need to be bossy to collect the money. Hopefully, everyone will agree with this system.

3. Make an Agreement – Though your friends may think you’re behaving too professional; this process can save you from any future brawl. At once you discuss your points of sharing bills and other utilities, write a contract with all the terms you’ve decided. Never forget to get signatures on the paper. Thus, your roommates won’t deny anything mentioned in the paper.

4. Make a Chart – Charts can help you to track who owes what and who paid for which thing. Place it in an area so that everyone can see it. Make columns with months, names and costs. Whenever anyone pay his/her share, put a cross on it. Thus, you can see who is delaying for paying.

5. Buy Separate Things – You’ve bought butter. But you can’t stop your roommates from using it. That’s cheap. So, make a list before going to groceries. Check out things you need. Buy separately. Everyone can save money without compromising anything.

6. Have Clear Communication – This is very necessary while you’re sharing rooms in rental apartments or flats. If you have paid for something and yet not get the money, tell your roommates politely. You can also leave notes if you don’t go harsh about the matter. An open communication must be there to manage any situation.

7. Never Share Furniture Costs – You and your roommates are not going to share the apartment forever. If you share the cost of a table or sofa, it will not be possible to cut the things while moving on. So, if you want to buy anything, do it on your own cost.

8. Try Not to Share on Food Items – May be you like to have tomato sauce, but your roommates won’t. So, it’s natural he/she won’t pay for that. Different people like different things. So, shop for your own.

9. Make a Budget – While you are going to share an apartment with a roommate, this is the first thing you need to do. Managing bills for water, electricity, rent and others will be easier if you plan a budget at the beginning of every month.

10. Take Online Help – Are you a tech-freak? Then there are sites which can help you with splitting bills and managing those in a simple and efficient way. Such apps can end any tension between roommates as everyone can view how these are working.

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